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Welcome to the Vero Beach Pet Sitter's Blog
Welcome to the Vero Beach Pet Sitter's Blog

Hi my name is Cindy and I'm the owner operator of Vero Beach Pet Sitters!  I occasionally post topics of interest for pets and their owners in Vero Beach Florida.

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Sunday, November 04 2018
Protect your pet with the City of Vero Beach Police's pet tag registration program

From Treasure Coast dot com:

They find many dogs  on the streets of the city every week without a collar or any identifying tags.  VBPD Animal Control Unit is initiating this program in an effort to reunite  local pet owners with  their furry friends.


Go by the police department Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm, or request the Animal Control officer to respond to your residence for pet registration. You will be asked to fill out a short easy form with all your pertinent information. They will issue your pet a tag! Any pet can be registered – dogs, cats, ferrets, you name it!

Should your pet ever get lost, they will be matched up to you when located by calling the Humane Society and providing their unique registration number on the tag.

This can work in conjunction with, or in place of the micro-chip. This program is FREE of charge!

Their mission is to reunite you with your pet as quickly and efficiently as possible. So call VBPD at 772-978-4600 and come on by to participate in this great service!

Visit their page for more services offered to residents:

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Sunday, November 04 2018
Pet Friendly Activities & Restaurants in Vero Beach, FL

From Bring Fido:

From TC Palm:

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Thursday, November 01 2018
 ALL dogs love dog walks - even seniors!

My motto at Vero Beach Pet Sitters: "Birds fly, fish swim and dogs walk!"...Cesar Millan

It's a primal activity.

The greatest give you can give your dog is a DOG WALK. Not junk food!

The primary sense a dog relies on is NOSE. Scent. Sniffing. Not seeing. Not hearing. 

Dog walking is love. 

Senior dogs and handicapped dogs need love, too! 

Contact Cindy to arrange dog walking in Vero Beach, FL. for your best friend!

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Thursday, November 01 2018
Hey Vero Beach! Here's 6 tips for mastering the dog walk!

Dog walking in Vero Beach is popular! I work in all the neighborhoods and see an abundance of dogs walking their people. (lol). 

My motto at Vero Beach Pet Sitters: "Birds fly, fish swim and dogs walk!"

All dogs love walking. It's what they do. :) If you need help offering your dog enrichment with dog walks, just contact Cindy on 772-226-0738 for a demonstration on techniques to make your experience more fun or to schedule dog walks as a gift to your best friend! 

Here are some tips from Cesar Millan, the king of dog walks. Start with getting rid of your retractable leash! Your dog can't feel your energy on it and thinks he's free to sniff and wander aimlessly instead of getting his head in the game and WALKING which helps release pent up energy being stuck behind four walls all day. 

It starts before you leave the house. YOU lead your dog out the door not the other way around! Until your dog can drive a car or write a check he needs YOU to be the leader. Putting it on him is too much responsibility! 

Six Tips For Mastering The Dog Walk

By Cesar Millan

Here are six dog training tips on how to walk your dog and master the dog walk. When I’m out with my dog pack, I often walk about ten dogs at a time, sometimes even off-leash if I'm in a safe area. People are amazed by this, but it's simple: the dogs see me as their pack leader. This is why dogs follow me wherever I go.

1. Walk in front of your dog.

Walking in front of your dog allows you to be seen as the pack leader. Conversely, if your dog controls you on the walk, he’s the pack leader. You should be the first one out the door and the first one in. Your dog should be beside or behind you during the walk.

2. Use a short dog leash.

This allows you to have more control. Attaching the leash to the very top of the neck can help you more easily communicate, guide, and correct your dog. If you need additional help, consider the Pack Leader Collar. Always keep your dog's safety in mind when giving corrections.

Related: Top 5 dog walking problems solved!

3. Give yourself enough time for the dog walk.

Dogs, like humans, are diurnal, so taking walks in the morning is ideal. I recommend setting aside thirty minutes to a full hour. The specific needs of each dog differ. Consult your vet and keep an eye on your dog's behavior to see if his needs are being met.

4. How to reward your dog during the walk.

After your dog has maintained the proper state of mind, reward him by allowing him to relieve himself and sniff around. Then you need to decide when reward time is over. It should always be less than the time spent focused on the walk.

5. Keep leading, even after the walk.

When you get home, don't stop leading. Have your dog wait patiently while you put away his leash or take off your shoes.

6. Reward your dog after the walk.

By providing a meal after the walk, you have allowed your dog to "work" for food and water.

And don’t forget to set a good example by always picking up after your dog!

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Wednesday, October 31 2018
November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

Please support local Vero Beach Seniors and their pets :

For The Love of Paws Senior Pet Sanctuary and Pet Meals on Wheels is a great organization!

Love of Paws Sanctuary:

Providing peace of mind to senior citizens when they can no longer care for their pets either temporarily or permanently - due to being placed into hospice, Memory Care, Nursing Home, Assisted Living or a medical procedure where they are placed into extended rehabilitation.

To provide lifetime sanctuary care for Senior Pets who have become homeless and abandoned by the senior citizen owners who can no longer care for them due to health, financial issues or death. 

Paws Meals on Wheels:

Providing pet food to those in need who are having difficulty feeding their beloved pets. (Currently providing over 5000 pounds monthly through the new 2000 square foot facility.)

Read more here:

12 Reasons to Adopt the Least Adoptable Shelter Pet

One Dozen Reasons a Senior Dog or Cat May Be the Perfect Pet for You

They may have received obedience training and respond to commands like Sit, Stay, and Down. Many are house trained and it takes a matter of hours, or a day or two to help them learn the potty rules in their new home.

You don't need to worry about finding your favorite pair of shoes or a table leg chewed beyond recognition. Chances are your senior kitty has no urge to dive head first into your potted plants or shred the handmade quilt Aunt Helen gave you.

Enroll her in an obedience class, contact a trainer, or go the do-it-yourself route. Older dogs are more attentive than puppies, and more eager to please their humans.

  1. Senior dogs know proper etiquette. Unlike puppies, many adult dogs have spent years living with a family and being socialized to life with humans.
  2. Senior pets respect your belongings. Older adoptive pets are years beyond the search-and-destroy puppy or kitten phase.
  3. Seeing is believing. A senior pet holds no surprises as to how big he might get, what color his adult coat will be, or whether his hips will be healthy. A senior pet comes to you with his own history, which makes his future much more predictable than that of a puppy or kitten.
  4. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Adult dogs can focus on the task at hand. If your adopted older pet needs to learn a few things in her new life with you, not to worry.
  5. You can pick your perfect pet. If you're looking for a short-haired cat, for example, or a kitty with no history of health problems, you can search until you find an older pet with exactly those qualities. If you have a cat and are looking for a feline-friendly dog, you can ask to see older dogs that lived with cats in their former homes.
  6. You can adopt a purebred senior. If you really love a certain breed of dog or cat, chances are there's a breed rescue organization that can point you in the direction of older purebred pets in need of homes.
  7. Senior pets and senior citizens make a great team. Many elderly people find the calm presence of an older pet very comforting. They appreciate having a companion who is also getting up there in age, doesn't mind hearing the same stories again and again, and is content to move through life at a slower speed.
  8. Older pets are easy to kick back with. Senior dogs and cats have all the basics down and aren't full of wild energy they need to burn off. Because you're not constantly chasing around or cleaning up after your older pet, you have a lot more time to spend having adventures or just relaxing together.
  9. Adopted senior pets are forever grateful. Somehow, older pets seem to know you gave them a home when no one else would. Many new owners form a close bond very quickly with their senior dog or cat, because the pet shows them a level of attention and devotion that is unique to older adopted animals.
  10. A senior pet is a relatively short-term commitment. The fact is, a senior dog or cat isn't an 8- to 20-year responsibility like a younger pet is. This can be a serious consideration for an elderly person or someone who doesn't know what their living situation might be in a few years.
  11. We're heading into the holiday season. Many people are looking for opportunities to be charitable this time of year, and I can't think of a better way to give back than to help one less animal spend the holiday season in a shelter.
  12. You can be a hero to a deserving older pet. Almost without exception, people who adopt older animals feel a special sense of pride and purpose in opening their heart to a hard-to-place pet. Doing a good thing really does make you feel good!

    Read more from Dr. Mercola 
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Monday, October 01 2018
National Walk Your Dog Week​ October 1-7


All dogs love walking. It's what they do. :) If you need help offering your dog enrichment with dog walks, contact Cindy on 772-226-0738 for a demonstration on techniques to make your experience more fun or to schedule dog walks as a gift to your best friend! 

National Walk Your Dog Week was founded in 2010 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate Colleen Paige, to bring awareness to the ever-increasing problem of canine behavior issues and canine obesity in America. Walk Your Dog Week aims to improve the health and well being of America's dogs and sends the message to unchain your dogs!

"With more and more people becoming sedentary and gaining weight due to a lack of exercise, say's Colleen Paige, founder of the day. Too many dogs don't get the necessary outlet they need to stay physically and mentally healthy. I feel that part of the overpopulation of dogs in this country is hugely associated with our growing waistlines. Generally, the less a person exercises, the less their dog exercises. Having trained thousands of dogs, it's my estimation that at least 75% or more of dogs in shelters are there, due to a lack of exercise, which has resulted in serious behavior issues such as aggression, destruction and separation anxiety. Often, dogs run away from home because they're left alone and bored or kept sequestered all day long in a crate or a small yard, which only exacerbates a dog's destructive, aggressive or anxious tendencies. This, coupled with a lack of exercise and too much fatty food, leads to obesity, as well as medical issues like pancreatitis, diabetes, heart disease and the number one killer of dogs, cancer. October is a beautiful time of year everywhere to get outside. Walking your dog on a daily basis not only increases the endorphins in both human and canine brains {happy chemicals} but it improves the bond between dog parent and dog."

Initially founded for October 1st, as a "one day" holiday, Colleen later felt that one day was just not enough time to stimulate a continued walking program, so she then founded National Walk Your Dog Week to be celebrated the entire first week of October. She believes that when people witness the changes in their beloved dogs by giving them a week of exercise they normally don't get, not only will they see a massive difference in their dog's behavior but the dog parent will feel so good...they won't want to stop. This not only helps to save the life of the dog by promoting proper health and quelling behavior issues that might otherwise land them in the shelter facing euthanasia - but it will also help to improve the health of the human companion and possibly save their life down the road as well.

Read more how to be a best friend to your pet

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Saturday, September 01 2018
September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

VAPM has proclaimed September as Animal Pain Awareness Month, and this coincides with human medicine’s Pain Awareness Month. Animals suffer from pain just like people do. Pain comes in many forms: surgical pain, arthritis and cancer related pain, just to name a few.  Acute pain is obvious and distressing. Chronic pain can be subtle, and masked as “getting old” or “slowing down.”  Old age is not a disease, but pain is. There are many options to treat the various causes of pain in animals including pain medications, physical rehabilitation, acupuncture, laser therapy, and therapeutic massage.

Read more

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Thursday, August 16 2018
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Sunday, August 12 2018

Sadly, a young puppy client of mine contracted Leptospirosis and died. PLEASE have your dogs tested and vaccinated. It is apparently common in Vero Beach and there was nothing about this dog's life that would have predicted contracting this often fatal infection. The onset is VERY quick. 

Humans can contract it from their pets, too. 

Dog-Killing Bacteria Is Year Round Problem In Florida

Florida Dept of Health

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Sunday, July 01 2018


Read this article and watch this video! 

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