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Welcome to the Vero Beach Pet Sitter's Blog
Welcome to the Vero Beach Pet Sitter's Blog

Hi my name is Cindy and I'm the owner operator of Vero Beach Pet Sitters!  I occasionally post topics of interest for pets and their owners in Vero Beach Florida.

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Friday, February 14 2020
Toxic toads that can kill your dog in minutes moving into Central Florida; how to protect your pets

All it takes is a quick lick or a sniff. Fifteen minutes later, your dog could be dead.

That’s how poisonous experts say an invasive species of toad that is moving into Central Florida is to our pets.

Cane toads are the largest toad in the world. They’ve hopped from their native Central and South America to South Florida, up the state to Central Florida.

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Friday, February 07 2020

A dog is credited with saving a woman and her child from an abusive home in Southwest Florida. Stories like this are reasons why Florida lawmakers want to pass new protections for pets into law.

Two new bills are being considered in the state to protect pets in abusive relationships.

Studied show abusers can use a victim’s love for a pet as a source of control. Domestic violence victims who make it to shelters report their abusers threaten to injure or kill family pets. And, most of the time, that threat is carried out in front of the victim.

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